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Every trip is educational, every trip opens the mind to the world’s knowledge and every trip is the adventure of a lifetime. Travel stimulates anxiety and gives students the opportunity to discover life beyond their backyards. Smart travel and tours pursues in allowing students to develop critical knowledge through hands-on-activities and experience.

Through an on-going and time-consuming process of familiarization, continuing education and customer feedback, Smart Travel and Tours has become a travel expert in distilling information to pupils and students.

Smart travel and tours mission statement is “We plan and you enjoy” emphasizes experiences beyond the classroom that facilitate learning and is dedicated to giving students a unique experience.

Our team is committed to helping teachers with every step of planning process, which is, getting clearance letters from educational provincial offices, marketing the trip i.e giving out flyers to every student and tour guiding services during the tours.

Smart travel help students continue pursuing their personal passion and career opportunities through career guidance and training and awareness schemes

In institutions and colleges, we offer team building workshops. We are here to show the students the importance of STEM through hands on experiences and collaborations with experts in the field